What is error sans favorite food The stress became worse when the core shuts down, resulting in the air being toxic and the food. Add cashew nuts in between each of the meringue layers. 4. Hey guys! This is a quiz to see if you show a inner spirit for a Undertale AU, please comment what one you got, you don't have to and enjoy!. Ignoring the warning, his determination power pulls him into the antivoid, and his time. He came from a AU called X-Tale. If creativity runs low, Ink. A Hong Kong best food, best enjoyed. . string sans is too obsessed with strings and has a spiritual connection to them Although he finds string infected cool, it does not prevent him from wanting to destroy it. One of the guards seen what happened. . . Frisk decided on a Genocide Run and eventually arrived at Sans in the Judgment Hall. . The story takes place on the askerrorsans blog. Underswap Sans. King loved a few of the hallmark specialty recipes of the South with great reverence and grace. Chana Masala. Error!Sans; The Comedial Joke; Ink!Sans; The Annoying Dog; The Spaghetti God the Comedial Jokes Brother; Nightmare!Sans; Dream Sans; Pre-Errortale. 2. " When Frisk first started the Genocide Run, Sans feels that the only way to beat Frisk is by injecting DETERMINATION in himself. Cross lived in a universe somewhat like Classic!Sans. The Undernovela universe refers to an alternate universe created by Pig-Demon. . And he gloats alot for no reason, he can be awkwardly supportive. He is the very definition of a good. Only the clothes were a little different but the principle of his world was the same. 27. Hidden deep within an unknown AU nicknamed “the Infinite Inferno”, this powerful being resides. Jan 10, 2023 · Error is a character created by Lover of Piggies (also known as Crayon Queen or CQ for short). <3. In. He was created by Jael Peñaloza/Jakei95 (aka. Hehe. Will you show monsters standing in your way MERCY, or slaughter them all?. Error!404, being the self-proclaimed 'God of The Multiverse', is the strongest Sans in the multiverse. The jacket was closed with a golden belt with the initials, 'DS' on it (standing for Dream!Sans). It is prepared with an unusual chicken organ named proventriculus, a component that is in many ways similar to chicken gizzard. He often causes trouble for both Sans and Papyrus. The Astral Mother has had a total of 2 Kids. Personality: Fresh is completely lacking in emotions and incapable of love. .
"ᏆͲՏ ᎪᏞᏞ ᎷᎽ ҒᎪႮᏞͲ"(fan art)(check the link on the blog). . Jun 20, 2020 · 她计划在这个系列中包括《Error》和《Fresh》。. 0 Reply 04/20/21. Error!404 isn't aware that his brother Alpha!Sans is alive, blinded by his own grief to the point he is ignorant of it. . His current appearance is quite sinister. . 4. . Reaper sans can delay 5 minutes. Learn more on undertale-au-fanon. The protagonist can request a ride to any of the locations above if they reach Hotland on any route. Sans. Every time someone takes a un-sinful and pure soul Reaper becomes very weak and sick and a bit of his soul is diminished. (Due to being a ship kid of two characters who are classified as 'Sans', Paper Jam is NOT a Sans. His left eye is constantly illuminated in battle blue. 3. frisk thinks soda is “gross” chara's feelings about soda are unknown, unless you decide that “sickly yellow liquid” is chara's opinion and not frisk's (it's up for debate) chara presumably likes chocolate, which is why toriel keeps some in her fridge. Jan 29, 2023 · Error!Sans is known for his ability to manipulate the game’s code and bend the rules of reality. He also cooks lasagna instead of spaghetti. I bet metaknight’s favorite food is candy, he has a candy jar in his room in the anime, and the first thing he does in the games is throw Kirby a piece of candy. ️ Edit This Font 🗂️ Create a Collection. 2. . I can't exactly say that dustdustdust is worse than an AU where sans has sex with frisk and makes a 100% human baby which in itself makes no sense, then when frisk leaves the underground to escape some random virus that appears for no reason she gets sexually assaulted and dies in the hospital as the underground just gets even. He has blue strings coming out of his eyes. . One such way is given below.

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